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Sea Walking - Port Blair

01 October 2016   31 May 2017

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Sea Walking

Male and Female
Starts on (01 October 2016)




Approzimately 30 Minutes

Tour Criteria:

Cost is based on per person.




Popularly referred to as "Natures Paradise", Sea walking in Andaman & Nicobar Islands is abounding in rich natural underwater treasures. The waters are home to an endless variety of exotic aquatic life. Nobody can escape from pristine beauty and superb natural wonders of these islands. These islands gleam like diamonds and are magnificent jewels in the crown of Island holiday destinations. That’s why it is one of the dream destinations in every one’s list. The most unskilled of swimmers and even novice can indulge in this delightful sport right from the very word "GO". It is much easier when compared to scuba diving because you do not need to practice breathing through your mouth and doesn’t indulge in handling the complicate equipment 
It’s perfectly safe. No water on your face (you can wear glasses or contacts), your makeup stays on, and your hair stays dry! A large full face window in the Sea Walker helmet offers a close up view of the beautiful underwater world, see beautiful corals and play with colorful fishes. 
Once you land your feet on the sands of the sea bed, you are stunned for a second, amazingly new and enthralling experience which people often compare with their imaginations of space walking. As per the prior guidance on the pontoon, the guides communicate with the walkers by a series of hand gestures like "left or right" "OK" "no problem" etc. The guides walk you through the sea walking area which is cordoned off by nets. One gets to view and touch underwater life such as orange clownfish, sea anemones, star fish, shell fish, which essentially are slow moving creatures that cannot be experienced otherwise. Our sea walker pontoon is situated at North Bay Island, Port Blair which can be reached by regular boats which leave from Rajiv Gandhi Water sports Complex.
You can feed the fish and indulge in underwater photography. These memories will relish forever. Anyone from age between 7 and 70 do sea walk without any difficulties. Our certified guides are always in the water beside you to ensure you safe adventure. They ensure infallible and uncompromising safety while completely averting any difficult eventuality. The "Sea Walker" introduced in India, only done in Andaman and apart from a handful of other tropical islands as Australia, Bali, Mauritius, Pattaya, etc. Lastly, it’s simple, quick and easy and must do activity.


1)The tour begins with a boat ride transferring you onto a pontoon which is anchored of the coast, measuring 1600sq ft with elaborate facilities such as changing rooms, lockers, wash rooms etc.
2)The guides brief the walkers on basic hand gestures, safety procedures and the actual steps to be taken during the sea walk.
3)Underwater seawalk is restricted under the following medical conditions: Asthma, Heart Patient, pregnancy.
4)One must bring Swimming costume and a towel.

Whats offered:

Ladies tights, T-Shirts and dress for gents are available at our Sea walker pontoon.

Facilities available in Pontoon:Lockers, changing rooms, toilet, open air seating, coffee shop, etc

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

For bookings call us on

8055 - 000 - 200