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Scuba Diving - Goa

01 November 2016   30 April 2017

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Scuba Diving

Male and Female
Starts on (01 November 2016)



Price includes: Approx 8 hours of Scuba Diving for 2 Persons.

Departure Time:

From 07:30 To 15:30




Human mind is always inquisitive and every time it wants to experience something new, especially when it comes to sports. If you have explored forts, mountains and waterfalls, now it’s time to set date with life under the sea with Scuba diving at Goa. Discover amazing world of flora and fauna under the sea which is composed of colorful fishes, corals and other life of water which you have seen on television. If you are searching a new thrilling experience, then this your ticket to the new world without any delay come and experience the most talk about sport in town.

Amalgamate with the fishes, bask in the colorful corals and hang out with the crabs as you dive in the deep and snorkel in the shallows.Scuba diving prepares you to trust and appreciate people whom you hardly know because it’s dangerous to travel alone in sea. The weightlessness and serenity of the underwater environment works to soothe the mind and detoxify your body.

The only requirements are that you're comfortable in water and are in good health. For safety, all students complete a brief PADI Medical Statement that asks about medical conditions that could be a problem while diving. If none of these apply, you sign the form and you're ready to start. If any of these apply to you, your doctor must assess the condition and sign a medical form that confirms that you're fit to dive.

Best Season – November to April. 

Important Gear – A mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy compensator (BC), regulato, weights, wet suit, Water Proof Sunscreen Lotion. 

Safety Measures– Be aware of the Pre Diving Briefings. Handle the snorkel Carefully.

Charges for high resolution underwater photos is priced @ Rs. 500 per head and underwater video of your dive trip @ Rs. 1000 per head which can be paid directly at the location.You will need to bring an USB or a memory card to copy your photos or videos.

Departure Time:

From 07:30 To 15:30

Whats offered:

Before you actually begin the activity, you are requested to fill out the medical statement at the venue. All the course material and required equipment will be provided it to you in order to learn scuba diving. 

This includes pool training session, and understanding of the equipment, and one dive in the sea. 

Knowledge development is mandatory to make sure that you understand the basics of SCUBA; it will start off with a safety briefing from your instructor or by watching a short video along with confined water training given in order to learn some basic skills that make you dive safer, and more revival.

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

For bookings call us on

8055 - 000 - 200