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Paintball Combat Zone

14 October 2016   16 October 2016

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Male and Female
Starts on (14 October 2016)



A chance to battle it out for 50,000 INR. Join us at ' The Corinthians Resort and Club ' for an intense paintball war. Price includes: Entry for 1 Corporate Team ( 5 players + 1 Substitute )




Year 2020. The political crisis has been going on for months. Oil reserves will run out within 8-10 years. Mass protests erupt all over the world effectively shutting down global economy. The great powers have declared WORLD WAR III. ERIS, a politically weak nation but rich in natural resources have maximum threat. For ages, the nation is under civil war. A joint decision has been taken to design a COMBAT TRAINING PLATFORM where every powerful leader will bring their best of combat soldiers to perform a series of army simulation missions where they will apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy every time. The team who will defeat the enemy and survive in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions will be declared – SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCE ( SOF ) … and the nation will be under their command.

League 1 ( ERIS Police Station Raid )

  • 32 teams. 16 Matches.
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Objective: Maximum Hit
  • Insurgents attack an ERIS police station killing 17 officers and releasing 87 prisoners. Your small team checks out this building based on a tip. After an hour long battle the insurgents are silent and hidden inside. Mission is to target and shoot maximum number of insurgents. The team with the higher score qualifies for the next round.

League 2 ( Operation Blood and Oil )

  • 16 teams. 8 Matches.
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Objective: Collect Maximum Info, Single Hit
  • Based on information received from intelligence, ERIS defense secrets are being traded. To keep this mission underground a team of experts have been chosen to operate this mission in an active oil refinery. Mission is to eliminate the insurgents and collect maximum documents back safely. Only solid tactics will get the documents and your squad out safely.
  • On each elimination team gets 10 points and 20 points for each

Quarter Final ( ERIS Hostage Rescue Mission )

  • 8 teams. 4 Matches.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Objective: Rescue, Single hit eliminate
  • You are a highly trained special force operator carrying out a mission to rescue 10 ERIS nationals held hostage in medical hospital in ERIS. Free the hostages from the radical students and make it out of the danger zone.
  • On each elimination team gets 10 points and 20 points for each rescue. Negative point while killing the hostage in miss fire. Team with highest sore goes to next round. Only 4 best teams qualify.

Semi Finals ( Death Penalty )

  • 4 teams. 2 Matches.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Objective: Target elimination, single hit eliminate
  • You are in a prison which houses the most hostile insurgents. Who have taken over and breached the security. Your 3 ERIS special commandos have been detained by the insurgents. Mission is to free them before they are hanged. Also eliminate the insurgents leader to dissuade the confidence of insurgents.
  • On each elimination team gets 10 points and 20 points for each release. 20 points on elimination of leader. Negative point for killing your own team in miss fire. At least one rescuing team member from each team must survive. Team scoring highest points qualify.

Final ( Payback to ERIS )

  • 2 teams. 1 Match.
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Objective: Flag capturing, single hit eliminate.
  • Completing the mission takes a combination of sniper expertise, team cover and urban close combat experience. Objective is to capture the border post of your enemy and allow second convoy to enter the neighboring country to begin a different operation. You begin behind the border of ERIS. Your team is navigating a second convoy followed by a vehicle of team mates. A deadly ambush takes place.
  • On each elimination team gets 10 points and 20 points on capture of each post. Negative points if any member of second convoy gets killed. Team scoring higher will win the tournament.


  • Minimum age: 14 years
  • 6 players can be part of a team ( 5 on the field and 1 substitute )
  • Safety goggles to be worn at all times
  • Barrel covers mandatory when not on the field. Keep the markers face down.
  • Maximum chrono spees for paintball markers is 280 FPS
  • No blind firing
  • Do not shoot players less than 1 feet away
  • If you are hit and paint breaks on you, call yourself out. If you are unsure if it broke, ask the instructors to check you.
  • CTP organizes a friendly facility. No cursing, cheating, fighting or other unacceptable behavior. If you fail to comply you will be forced to leave without a refund.
  • You are responsible for your gear and its safe return
  • Do not shoot birds and animals
  • You must receive the safety briefing before starting the game.

Safety Briefing

  1. Always keep your marker on safe mode and point it down when you are not playing.

  2. Never remove your face mask when you are on the battlefield. In case you face issues with the mask, raise your hand and ask the referee to move you out of the field. Other are not allowed to shoot players moving out.

  3. Never target the referee. Listen to your referees instructions and never get into a debate. In case of wrong judgment you may consult with the outfield referee.

  4. You may utilize your balance paintballs in the next game or in the target shooting range.

  5. During the game, if you face any issues with your marker raise your hand call for the nearest referee and move out of the field and take assistance from the outfield referee.

  6. Never target anyone in a 10 feet range.

  7. You game starts on the referee’s first whistle and you are allowed to take positions and you will start shooting only after the referee’s second whistle. In any case if you hear a long whistle, wait till you hear a double whistle to restart.

  8. When your game is finished you must immediately hand over your markers to the outfield instructor.

Last date of registration: 30th September, 2016


Winner: 50,000 INR

Runner Up: Consolation Prize ( To be disclosed )

For bookings call us on

8055 - 000 - 200