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Lonar Crater Study Tour

23 December 2016   25 December 2016

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Male and Female
Starts on (23 December 2016)



Price includes 1 Ticket for the Trekking experience




Lonar is largest meteor crater not just of India but of entire south-east Asia. Around 52000 years ago, a big rock from the sky entered earth's astosphere, got heated after tremendous friction with the astmosphere and then collided on the earth. it created a huge crate and later on water got accumulated in that and it became a lake. Since the reason for this structure is from outside earth, it has been always an interesting location for astronomist around the world.

Lonar is located near Buldhana in cetral Maharashtra. There are numerous interesting temple around this lake and hence it is one of the hot destination for the people who are interested in Heritage. Being right in the middle of deccan plateau makes this area excellent destination for star gazing activities as well. With the uncertain weather, we can not guarantee the good weather for our star gazing activity but be sure that if weather permits we will conduct small session


> Travelling from Pune to Pune by private bus including toll, permits and parking 
> breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks, Dinner
> Expertise & Astronomical Equipments.
> Dormetory Accommodation in MTDC Lonar resort 
> Printed information Brochure.
> Safety Equipments/First aid box


>Mineral water,cold drinks, etc.
>Anything not mentioned in the whats included list

Nearest Village Lonar
Region & District Buldhana
Route from Pune Pune - Aurangabad - Sindkhed - Lonar
Distance from Pune 400 Kms approx
Route from Mumbai Mumbai - Aurangabad - Sindkhed - Lonar
Distance from Mumbai 510 Km approx
Key Features of the Event

> The only Natural impact crater in basaltic rock

> star gazing night

> Tour of old temples around Lonar
> Nature trail in Lonar crater Jungle



Night 1:

Leave Pune by private bus at 10.30pm

Day 1: 
Reach Lonar around 6am, tea and Breakfast, get settled in your rooms and then few hours rest time 
Briefing of activities and discussion session and presentation 
Lunch and then trail along Lonar crater 
full star gazing night

Day 2:
> Wake up at 9.30am 
> Breakfast and another discussion session 
> Lunch 
> start return journey by 2pm 
> Back to Pune by 11pm

What to bring:

1. Luggage packed in big good trekking sack, all luggage wrapped in plastic bags to avoid getting wet (compulsory in rainy season.)
2. Complete spare set of clothes & socks
3. Water bottle (atleast 1.5 ltr) compulsory
4. Electral/ Glucon-d energizers and personal medication
5. A sweater/warmwear
6. Good trekking shoes (sandles, chappals, floaters not permitted)
7. A sleeping bag / Thermocol mat and shawl / normal satranji and shawl
8. Plate, spoon, mug (Compulsory) 
9. Torch with Extra pair of Batteries 
10. Camera, Binocular (Optional)of Batteries

For bookings call us on

8055 - 000 - 200