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Adventure Camping at Lavasa

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Price includes entry for 1 person for the Lavasa Trekking and Camping experience. No transportation included.




Spend some priceless moments with around a picturesque valley which is perfectly combination of traditional and cosmopolitan life .It offers you peaceful gateway where you can stroll with ease. We specialize in giving you pulsating and energetic activities that seamlessly blend adventure, sport, learning and fun. Our outings are real and grueling; our activities are passionate and exciting which definitely raise your adrenaline rush. With the widest range of 4 Adventure Sports and 2 activities such as Adventure Sports-Burma Bridge - Zip line - Rappelling or Open Lake Swimming - Archery and Activities- Campfire, Jungle Trek”

Set against the stunning backdrop the rugged terrain of the Sahyadri’s and a soaring uninterrupted horizon, Adventure Camp is located within the sprawling green expanse of the hill city of Lavasa. Visit this adventure camp where you can explore air, land and water all at one place. All roads leading to and from Lavasa ensure easy connectivity, making travel comfortable and fast. Just imagine the day!! Where you can touch the clouds, walk on endless expanses. Available one place there is something here for every age. So whether your element of challenge is land, water or air, we open up the possibilities of a new and thrilling experience for you. Stay in AC Swiss tents and enjoy the sumptuous buffet in any one of the hotels or options at the lakeside promenade.

Things to know:

  • 1 AC Swiss Tent will be Provided to accommodate 4 Travelers.

  • Check Out will be On the Next Day. It's an Overnight Activity.

Whats offered:

- Stay in AC Swiss Tents (4 Passenger Tent)
- Buffet Breakfast
- Veg Buffet Lunch
- High Tea 
- Veg-Non Veg Buffet Dinner.
- 4 Adventure Sports
- Burma Bridge
- Zip line
- Rappelling or Open Lake Swimming 
- Archery
- 2 Activities (Campfire, Jungle Trek)

Other Personalized Requests:

Please write to us for assistance in taking special request like a personal tour guide & interpreters for inbound/domestic tourists, and also help in arrange a private vehicle for the tour depending on group size.

For bookings call us on

8055 - 000 - 200