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Want to excel in sports? – Learn meditation


Meditation needs no introduction. It has been in use since centuries for overall well being and better mental performance. To be successful in sports you need energy and the main sources of energy are restful sleep, food, meditation and breath. If you do 20 minutes of meditation daily then the benefits you will get are equivalent to 8 hours of restful sleep. To relieve anxiety, stress and restore health, the best thing that you can do is meditate. You also need to understand that in order to learn and master the art of meditation, you need to have patience and devote as much time as possible.

Now coming to the topic of sports, is there any connection between the sporting performance of an athlete and meditation? Can a sportsperson augment his/her performance by meditating? We tried to answer the aforesaid questions in the quick write up below. Read on to find out more.

Increased focus

Apart from host of other benefits that meditation offers, regularly practicing meditation can help you enhance your focus. As we understand, focus in necessary in each and every game so the more you meditate, the more focused you are. In fact your focus will decide whether you will loose or win the game. If you are not focused, you may miss the shot and that results in loosing the point.

Cope up with pain

No matter whatever sport you play, you might have to bear pain in some form or another. In fact the games with high endurance, such as soccer or basketball, have high risk of injury or pain. Meditation helps you in coping up with pain and in fact it can reduce it as well to certain extent. So whether you are a professional athlete or just a casual player, do remember to have your daily dose of meditation.

Keep fear at bay

We already know that meditation helps in controlling stress and anxiety but did you know that it helps in reducing fear as well. The fear center of the brain is called amygdala and it has been proven beyond doubt that meditation helps is calming it. Fear can sometimes take full control of our mind, which leads to errors and losses that can be reduced drastically by regular practice of meditation.

Strengthens immune system

This is one of the most important benefits that meditation provides to a sports person. A sports person cannot afford to be sick because it can result in no show and could be quite worrisome. Scientific research that has been done across the world has proved that if you do meditation regularly then you fall ill less. This happens because meditation strengthens your immune system and you are less susceptible to diseases.

Helps reduce ruminating

Ruminating means thinking deeply about something or being not able to get some particular thought out of your mind. This happens a lot in a sports person’s life that you sometimes tend to miss the winning shot or make a mistake and ruminate over it. It’s typically quite difficult to come out of certain situations and it makes your game even worse. Meditation helps you out in these situations so that you can focus on present and forget the past.

Helps you fight back

Meditation helps you in making more resilient so that even after defeat, you stand up and fight back. It’s a well-known fact that even famous athletes in the world have failed many times, but they stood up and fought back. This is the kind of quality that you should be looking for and meditation helps you in this area. Meditation helps you in achieving your goals and keep negative thoughts at bay.

So here we are done with our write up on benefits of meditation in sports, do let us know how do you like it and share it freely.

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