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Top 6 mistakes to avoid in the game of basketball


Playing the game of basketball is sheer fun. The passing of ball from one player to another and hitting the basket, it’s all a very good exercise as well as some happy moments to remember. Basketball is a team game and you should know very well how to play in a team. You should know how to dribble the ball well and how to remain steady while shooting the basket. We have noticed that in spite of some players putting their 100% in the game, they don’t get the desired results.

So what could be the reason behind their setback? Are they not taking care of their training regime properly or are they not focused on their game? We tried to answer the aforesaid question in quick write up below. Read on to find out more.

Buying too many gizmos

It’s been observed that players spend way too much on buying latest exercise accessories, which is kind of undesirable. While it’s always better to use and employ latest exercise techniques and equipments, you need to find out which one is good for you. These exercises may make you more powerful and stronger, but you have to set a limit. Don’t go after gizmos, goofy shoes or gadgets but rely upon time-tested exercises such as pull-ups, bench press, deadlifts, etc.

Proper footwork

This is one of the most important points that you need to consider while you are playing basketball or getting trained for the game. It has been seen that players pay very less attention to footwork, which is a bad habit. You need to develop the right technique and take care of your footwork as well to inculculate the correct habit. For your agility training and shooting, you footwork is quite significant. For utmost athletic efficiency on the court and preventing injury you need to take care of planting, landing and cutting as well.

Coaching from famous players

Getting trained from famous players or attending famed training program does not guarantees you the good results. You need to give your 100% and put as much effort as you can. If you are following a conditioning program from famous coach, player or team then it’s always better but don’t rely on it all the time. Have faith in yourself and develop sufficient strength so that you can handle the pressure of the match while playing. Consistency, effort and progression are the areas where you need to focus in order to become an excellent basketball player.

Right training program

Some people will just follow generic training program while what they need is user specific basketball training program. You should follow a training program that suits you as well the sport you are playing. You are not a football player, bodybuilder, powerlifter or marathon runner so why do you want to train like one. Basically what you need to focus is on conditioning and endurance training, which is specific to basketball sport. Although there are lessons to be taken from other sport’s training program as well but at the end of the day, you need to fine-tune yourself.

Training too much

This is one of the most prominent mistakes that basketball players do while they are getting trained for the event. The game of basketball involves lots of jumping and stamina so you need to adjust your work out in similar fashion. The game of basketball is basically a polymetric game and in such types of games, you don’t need to over do any exercise. One more important point to be noted is that to get enough rest between the workouts. No need to lift heavy weights every day, just do it as and when required.

Poor nutrition

Everybody knows that taking care of proper nutrition is essential for a sports person, regardless of which sport he or she plays. If you don’t keep a watch on your eating habits, then it will have a negative impact on your performance in the game. This is one of the most common mistakes but people tend to overlook it. Eat food rich in carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins and avoid junk food totally. Eat green leafy vegetables and lean meat so that you feel light and healthy.

So here we are done with our article on mistakes to avoid in the sport of basketball. Do let us know how do you like this article and share it freely with your acquaintances.

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