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Top 6 mistakes to avoid in badminton and improve your game

Badminton is played in almost all countries across the world with people of all ages actively participating in this wonderful sport. This game needs no introduction as everybody at some point in his or her life must have definitely played this game. There are many wrong badminton techniques and awful habits, which beginners pick up and this leads to errors and mistakes. These mistakes have a propensity to surface when player is under pressure, which leads to poor game performance.


Although badminton is relatively easy game but as with anything else, it requires practice and strong presence of mind. So what are real common mistakes that every player seems to do while playing badminton? We tried to find the answer to the aforesaid question in quick write up below? Read on to find out more.

Wrong grip

This is probably one of the most common mistakes that even experienced badminton players do while playing this sport. No matter whether you are playing singles game or doubles game, you need to make sure that your forehand grip is correct. A large number of players use panhandle grip to play forehand shots, which is quite incorrect. In reality the panhandle grip is only intended to play drive shots, so make sure not to do this. If you use panhandle grip for forehand shots then you will loose considerable amount of power, resulting in poor shot performance.


Incorrect serves

Some players develop the habit of serving illegally, which is least desirable in this sport. Illegal serve here means serving from the point above the permitted height, which is actually the place above your lowest rib of your rib cage. Forehand as well as backhand, both kind of serves are affected by this rule, but usually backhand serve is more affected. For the people who play this sport for fun, this rule doesn’t matters much but in competitive tournaments the illegal serves can create problems.

Smashing too much

Smashing too much or too hard is one of the bad habits that players fall into and suffer later one. Smashing too hard is actually sometimes not a bad practice, if it’s winning you matches but you need to take care of certain points. There are actually two points with smashing the shuttle too hard. First and foremost, you tend to loose control over the shuttle placement in the court. Secondly, you spend too much energy, which has a negative impact over your performance in the match.


Clearing quite often

Although clearing is required at certain point of times and in fact it’s necessity of the game as well but clearing too often will give your opponent the competitive advantage. For example if you need additional time to reset yourself, clearing is the right option. However you should clear it only when it’s the right time to clear, don’t make it a habit as it will put your opponent in advantageous positions. If your opposite player hits a weak clear then the best strategy is to hit it back so that you are in attacking position.

Getting discouraged

Getting discouraged or frustrated is the last thing that you should be doing while you are playing badminton. As with anything else, it takes time to learn this sport and master it. It is often seen that the badminton players are generally hard on themselves for the mistake they make during the match. There is no need to get discouraged as every one, even experienced players, misses easy to hit shots from time to time. In fact it could happen that you may miss shots during important matches as well but the best thing that we can say is to keep on trying.

Nobody’s ideal

If you are not getting the desired results in the game of badminton, then it’s not a matter to get disheartened. Normal ups and downs come and go in every player’s game so basically you need to focus on the aspects of the game that you are lagging behind. Perfect technique doesn’t necessary relates to perfect game, you need to focus on the basics first and then proceed. Once you start focusing on the basics, you will know what works best for you.

So here we are done with our article on mistakes to avoid in the game of badminton, do let us know if you have any questions and freely share this article with your family and friends.

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