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Top 5 mistakes we make while playing hockey – a must read


Men’s Hero Champions Trophy Hockey tournament is over so we thought why not to write something on this topic, which is quite trending nowadays. India entered in the final of this tournament after quite sometime and the last time they won this tournament was way back in 1982 where they pocketed bronze medal. India fought well but they have to be contended with silver this time nevertheless the morale of team is still high.

Was it the lack of proper training that we lost in the final or there was some other reason for India’s lost in the penalty shoot out. Australia defeated India by 3-1 but boys fought well and getting a silver medal is also not that bad. Apart from field play, the game of hockey is in the mind of the player, so we need concentrate how to be mentally strong before the game. Here in this article we have enlisted certain points for you to ponder upon and keep in mind while playing hockey. Read on to find out more.

Be confident

This is one of the most important qualities that you need to have while playing hockey. Some people will just leave the confidence to chance and hope that they would play well. Don’t do this, instead visualize that you are playing well on the field and leave no stone unturned to make sure that you are feeling confident. You need to plan your confidence and be proactive so that when you go out in the field you play well.

Keep worries outside

While playing the game of hockey, it’s very important to keep your worries outside and give your 100% to the game. If you feel worried and don’t concentrate on your game then the chances are pretty high that you will loose the game. It could be something to do with your family, work, school or may be friends, but it’s better to let it go and perform to your full caliber. Due to constant worries, your decision will be affected and you will play sloppy.

Over thinking

Before the game, don’t think much about the consequences of the game and focus on yourself. Don’t compare yourself with the competitors as this may lead to low self-esteem, which you need quite a lot. May be your mind may wander a lot and you may think of matters such as opponent team is bigger, fitter, faster, stronger or they have may have more experienced players. Leave these thoughts aside and focus on how to win the game. These feeling will make you feel that you don’t deserve to win or you are not good enough.

Worrying about others

Worrying a lot about others will result in poor game performance. Especially teenagers have been seen that they worry what people will think about them if they loose the game or don’t play perfectly. They spend their energy so that they may be accepted, approved and respected by others. Our advice is to leave these unnecessary fears aside and concentrate on the game. What others think of you is basically none of your business and in any case however good you perform, people will have something to say.

 Fear of failure

As with anything else fear of failure is always there in the game of hockey. Will you be able to perform well? Will your team loose or win? These questions always haunt the mind of a hockey player. The idea is not to think much about it and concentrate on your game. Fear of failure will also lead you to tension, anxiety and will force you to try too hard, which is not beneficial at the end of the day. Play the game with sportsman spirit and in any case win and losses are part of the game so don’t take it too seriously.

So here we are done with our article on mistakes to avoid in game of hockey, do let us know how to you like it and like/share it freely.

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