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Cricket is the only game in the world which mirrors human life to some extent. A lot depends on the conditions and the ability of the players to cope with it. Certain teams are good in overcast conditions while looking like novices on dry surfaces in the subcontinent. Other teams may be good on dry surfaces but inept in playing on fast and bouncy surfaces in Australia and South Africa. In a test match, as a batsman, especially when the ball is new and there is a lot of movement, it is very important to stick to basics and look to survive this period. The batsmen must realize that this period will pass and when conditions ease out, he will be able to capitalise on it and score freely. This attitude can be applied to life as well. In life, there will be moments when one might feel that things are not going their way. It is important that they hang in there, not do anything rash, let the period pass and allow the momentum to shift. Once they feel that the momentum has swung their way, they can capitalise on it. While bowling, there will be periods when the batsmen are dominating. The bowler must concentrate on hitting the right areas and bowling a good line and length, i.e. keep the intensity going and guard against any drop in it. In life, when one sets goals for themselves and face difficulties in achieving them, they must not lose hope and decrease their efforts. They must keep at it until they achieve their goal.

Cricket is the only game where conditions play a huge role in deciding the outcome of the game. There are overcast, hard, dry and wet conditions. The technique required for a batsman and bowler to succeed in each condition is entirely different. A batsman may have to be strong on the back foot while playing on hard surfaces and strong on the front foot while playing on dry surfaces. He may have to adjust his game accordingly. A bowler will have to change his line and length according to the conditions. Similarly in life, one may encounter different situations and types of people. One should be able to adjust and react accordingly. Certain people find things funny while others won’t. We must assess the situation and play to the audience if we have to succeed in life. There is no other sport apart from cricket which teaches us to do that.

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