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How, When & Where we lost our childhood filled with Sports ?

Do you miss the active childhood days filled with sports ? It was definitely the best times of our lives. Well most of us, do but none of us are willing to take that pain of finding play pal’s, look for venues and arrange equipments.

goPlayr - How, when and where we lost our childhood

Even today most of us would still love to get involved in our favourite outdoor sports activities. But the situation has changed a lot since we grew up, there are so many obstacles in our life which we have to cross in order to experience the same again. Sports is not just a fun activity, but it has many health benefits tied to it. Sports activities involves judgement and coordination among all parts of our body,which helps us stay young and healthy.

In this article we will take you through some of these obstacles that we have to cross:
Problems in finding venue to play
The biggest obstacle is to find a suitable venue. No matter which part of India you live in, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai etc, there are many Grounds, Clubs and Pools scattered around your city. But we are not aware of them. However platforms like “goPlayr” can easily help you access all the information about such venues right from your smart phone.
Connecting with Other sports enthusiasts
Most of the sports activities cannot not be enjoyed alone. So before you make any plans you need to make sure you will be joined by other people. Some prefer to take their friends with them while others would be happy if they can find other sports enthusiasts like them around. Which was hard to find before the launch of “goPlayr”.
Time mis-match and work pressure
We are so busy with our life these days that there is never enough time for a go out and experience the joy sports. Even if we are luckily free someday, the chances are that our friends would be busy. So most of the time we end up watching sports in some bar rather than playing it in ground.
Lack of time and energy to organise
Most of us these days avoid sports activities because we don’t have time and energy to organise such activity. It takes a lot of time to decide about the venue, check out with your friend and plan everything. However with goPlayer mobile app you can simply find a sports activity happening around your area and join them.
Arranging Sports Equipments
Although we all had dozens of bats and balls and all other kind of sports equipments in our childhood days. But there is absolutely no reason for an average young adult who is working full time to keep such equipments with him right now. While With goPlayr app you can rent the sports equipment whenever you decide to go out and play.This is really a pocket friendly approach which will take you a Step Closer to sports.

We understand there are so many barriers for you to cross to reach that play ground. But ‘goPlayr’ is always there with you to make that sports activity happen. If you have any ideas kindly post in the comments below. We would be more than happy to hear from you.

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