How to exercise safely and productively at the Gym

We already know that exercise is good for us for various reasons. It helps us stay fit, relieve stress and look and feel good. These are some of the many advantages of working out at the gym. However, every yin has its yang. Gymming comes with its own side effects. Here are a few side effects and ways to counter them.

1) If one starts lifting weights before turning 18, then chances are that the muscles developed may stunt your growth and prevent you from growing any further. It would be best to start after 18.

2) There are many who push through a little bit of pain, which is not harmful. However, if the pain persists then you must take medical advice before continuing.

3) Nausea during a workout may be triggered by a number of different reasons. Eating the wrong food at the wrong time or pushing yourself too hard can cause dizziness. It can also be caused by taking vitamins on an empty stomach or mixing your vitamins with other medication. If you experience nausea while at the gym, cease the workout for the day. There must be a gradual increase in the intensity of the workout. Sudden change in intensity is harmful to the human body. Acclimatize yourself to the desired intensity over a period of time. Take vitamins with food, preferably with breakfast or lunch. If you suffer repeatedly from nausea, you should avoid eating solid food three hours prior to the workout. For a more easily digestible and quick energy alternative, try a liquid meal replacement that includes carbs and protein about 30 to 60 minutes before your workout session.

4) If you push yourself too hard at the gym, then there are chances that you may weaken your immune system making you more susceptible to illnesses that come your way. There is a lot going around in winter, so you have to be extra careful and stick to your safe limits.

5) It is believed that gymming helps us sleep better. This is because a moderately intense session decreases the stress hormone cortisol in your body. However if you work out too hard then your body actually releases more cortisol thereby increasing your stress and making it difficult to sleep at night. Lack of sleep may lead to weight gain which will be counterproductive.

These are some of the common side effects that people experience when they work out without knowledge of safe. Hope this article helps in improving the quality of your sessions. There is a new section “Fitness” on where you can find Gyms and pay to use hourly or subscribe monthly package.

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