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Euro Cup 2016 – Top 6 Teams Participating in it and Who Will Win?


Euro Cup 2016 is in full swing and everybody is curious about which team is going to win this tournament and which are the top most contenders in each group. Well, it’s not easy to predict the outcome of this world-famed tournament that is being hosted by France this year. In all 24 teams or nations are participating in Euro 2016, which are divided into 6 groups so each group comprises of 4 teams. The tenure of Euro 2016 is from June 10 to July 10 and in fact for the very first time 24 teams are participating in it.

In order to qualify for the round of 16, 6 group winners, 6 runners up and 4 best third placed teams will qualify. You will be amazed to know that five teams or countries are participating in the Euro 2106 for the very first time. They are Iceland, Albania, Slovakia, Northern Ireland and Wales. Here in this article we have picked up the best team in each group so that you may know which ones are the best. Read on to find out more.

France (Group A)

France is hosting the tournament this year and is indeed one of the favorite teams for sports enthusiasts worldwide. They have the right talent and attack that can drive them to win this cup. Another advantage with France is that they will be playing on their home soil so it’s always better. Although some prestigious names are missing such as Raphael Varane, Karim Benzema and more but to be frank, their front six is quite good. They have the capability to tear off any defense and take the ball right up to the opponent’s goal post.

England (Group B)

England is hot favorite in Group B and is one of the strong contenders of Euro Cup 2016. They have all the necessary attack and fervors that needs to win the cup although there are other strong contenders in the group that can turn the tables around. Russia has a strong team and the recent match between England and Russia ended in a draw (1-1). There was lots of violence to be seen after the match between the two countries fans and UEFA has warned them to show restraint. The players to watch are Eric Dier, Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

Germany (Group C)

The reigning World Cup Champions will leave no stone unturned to win Euro 2016 as well. They have been rated high by the bookies all over the world and have some of the youngest and finest fleet of players on the field. There are several reasons that we believe that Germany can lift the cup. Thomas Muller is an excellent midfield player in the contingent and he can do wonders for the team. Striker Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose are the players to watch; as they are some of the excellent players that German team is proud to have.

Spain (Group D)

Spain lifted the Euro 2012 Cup and is current champion albeit they need to fight hard to regain the title this year. Spain has one of the best defensive team in the world and it’s quite difficult to tear their defense apart and defeat them. International soccer is constantly going through evolutionary process so it’s not always easy to predict that which team is going to take the lead. Spain stopped that cycle for quite some time, became the champions but their oust in World Cup 2014 just after playing two games has left sports analyst having hard time.

Belgium (Group E)

Belgium is a genuine title contender but only if the luck favors them and their team’s performance is above par. They have no doubt one of the best football team in Europe with players such as Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne attacking in full swing. This trio has capacity and capability to turn the match results upside down at any moment of the game. Although the captain Vincent Kompany is marred with injury, nevertheless the team morale is high so will it win the Euro 2016?

Portugal (Group F)

Portugal is no doubt a strong contender in Group F but needs little bit of more polishing and efforts to reach the finals and win the Euro 2016. The team has been seen struggling with its performance in the past but with just one striker in this tournament, will it be able to make it? The players to watch in this team are Ricardo Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani.

So here we are done with our write-up on top 6 teams participating in Euro Cup 2016, do like and share it, if you enjoy reading it.

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