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Cricket Crazy India!

launch_bannerThe 2 appear to be an inseparable pair, who share a love and hate relationship. While the players come home following a spectacular victory over their opponents in the field, the whole of India is seen cheering. The scenario is totally reversed with an individual loss. Overnight the heroes turn into villains of the history who’ve let down their fans. The grudge against the cricketers isn’t long lasting, only till the next victory. Another intriguing characteristic of Indian cricket lover is his unlimited sights and views about what sort of game must be played or must have been planned. The fickle nature of the lover adds to the volatility of the playing style of the cricketers.

Players who perform amazingly well in a certain match may fail miserably in the very next. Indian cricket has successfully survived the numerous difficulties of every player’s career and also the fickle nature of fans. The game of cricket continues to be the national sport and a favorite after the unofficial time of most Indians. Consider the situation of empty streets and stores, high number of pupils playing truant from school, office attendance hitting an all time low. Yes, you guessed it right, blame it on the cricket match, particularly if our home country is playing. Any true cricket enthusiast may be seen glued to his TV establish or found with ears glued to the live commentary on radio, whenever live match has been played.

The cricket mania has further expanded to include other mediumship of communication besides the TV, radio and print. The new media also could not escape the charm of the game. Many online sites are exclusively dedicated to the game. On these sites, you will not find only simple access to live scores updated continuously, but additionally treat each of the players, previous cricket records, discussion forums and chats regarding cricket, cards and pictures of the cricketers and so forth. Therefore Indian cricket fans who might not be capable to slip out to the arena each time a match has been played, are now able to comfort themselves throughout the cricket web sites on the web. A brand the new format of the game of cricket, Twenty20, that was lately introduced to the earth, has captured the fancy of fans across the globe. Cricket enthusiasts, have been excellent fans of Indian cricket, have been dissatisfied with the team dismal performance in the World Cup.

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