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Advance tips to play table tennis to improve your game

Table tennis is highly popular game amongst masses and is played by the people of all age groups. If you are not playing this game now actively, you might definitely remember playing it in your school or college. Although this game is easy to play and doesn’t requires much space as well, compared to other games, there are certain tricks that you need to follow in order to master this game. Here in this article we have enlisted certain important tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to become expert in this game. Read on to find out more.


Know spin of the ball

In table tennis it’s very important to know which way the ball is spinning. You need to carefully watch the other player’s racket in order to understand the ball spin. Specifically at the exact time when the ball makes contact with the racket. If the other player’s racket is moving from high to low, it’s backspin, from low to high, it’s topspin, from right to left, it’s left sidespin and from left to right, it’s right sidespin.


Use racket angle to balance the spin

As we explained above, there are several kinds of spin in table tennis. Before attempting any shot, first you need to counterbalance the spin. The basic fundamental is that while attempting to face the spin, you need to move your racket in opposite direction of the ball spin. For example if the ball is moving from right to left, face it with your racket moving in left to right direction. Once you get the feel of spin, you can attempt the ball with more force as well.


Use your body weight

While attempting backhand or forehand shots, make sure you use your complete body weight. A common mistake is to attempt the shot only with your arm power, which limits the force in the shot. You need to rotate your shoulders and hips forward as you attempt the forehand and the same stands true with your backhand shot as well. You need to transfer your body weight from back foot to front foot while attempting a shot. With the transfer of body weight you can give more power to your shot.


A good ready position is must

At the start of game as well as between the shots, you need to maintain a good ready position. Basically immediately after attempting the shot, you need to return back to your ready position.


Train your strokes

You need to train your strokes as much as you can so that you attempt the shots naturally. You don’t have to think about it, the response should be automatic. And remember once you have attempted the shot, return to your ready position immediately.


Always use your own racket

Don’t change your racket frequently as it will have inverse affect on your game. Every racket has its own feel and once you start playing with it, you get adapted to it. Take a good care of your racket and put it in a case when not playing.


Sidespin serves

Use sidespin combined with backspin or topspin in your serves so that your opponent has hard time returning it to you. And make sure your serves are low enough so that they bounce at least twice on the other side of the table.


Join a club

You should join a table tennis club in order to make speedy progress in your game. The best part with joining a club is that you get to meet players of different abilities and when you play with them, your game improves.


So here we are done with our article on tips to play table tennis. Do let us know how do you like this article and share it freely with your family and friends.

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