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11 Amazing Yet Hilarious Rules of Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket. It doesn’t need any introduction, as those were the days when we used to bother more about friends and sports rather than anything else. As we grow up, we tend to forget that lovely time that we had spent playing Gully Cricket with friends and near and dear ones. Cricket is a sort of religion in India and any sort of cricket is most welcome. In fact Gully Cricket is played in other countries as well, but with different name such as backyard cricket in Australia or beach cricket at some places.

Does the terms “One tip one hand out” and “Beech ka bichu” sounds familiar to you and fills you up with nostalgic feeling? An Indian child learns to hold a bat before he is able to speak his first word. So taking the tip from our child hood memories, here in this article we have shared some amazing rules of Gully Cricket. Read on to find out more.

Stay away from the wicket

When you go for batting in Gully Cricket then you are always told to leave the wicket a bit and move towards your leg side so that the bowler has the clear vision of wicket. If you don’t do it, then you are blocking the wicket, which is least desirable in Gully Cricket. You’ll get shouting from the bowler like anything if you do so!

Batting side will decide the umpire

Umpire from the bowling side is strict no no. Only batting side will decide upon who will be the umpire and generally they will appoint senior team member for this purpose. When it’s the time for umpire to bat, he will pass on his duty to any of his friends or other team member, who can handle it responsibility!

Hit the ball and you score 1 run

This rule is applicable only when the playing area is very small and number of players is less. You don’t have to actually run to make your scoreboard ticking, just hit the ball nicely and you are all set.

Hit ball over the boundary – Out

This rule is quite funny because when the batsman hits the ball over the boundary in real life cricket, he is awarded 6 runs. But in Gully Cricket, it’s quite different since there is fear of ball getting lost or hitting any undesired object.

First ball – trial ball

Fate seldom gives anybody a second chance and in cricket if you are out on first ball itself then it’s very disappointing. To make sure nothing like this happens in Gully Cricket, the first ball of the innings is try ball. So hit it as hard as you can!

Win the match – bat first

It’s as simple as that. If you are playing multiple innings in Gully Cricket then there is no need to decide every time that who’s going to play first. If you have won the match then you have the first say in deciding which team is going to open next.

Who’s responsible for the lost ball?

Well, the answer to above question is pretty easy. It’s the batsman’s responsibility to find the lost ball and in case if he (and the team) is unable to find it, he need to get a new one. So always have some cash handy if you are playing Gully Cricket!

Common man

If by any chance the total number of players is odd, one member of the squad becomes common man. The best part with becoming common man is that he gets to bat for both the teams. Generally the youngest of lot gets this opportunity.

Benefits to bat owner

If by any chance you are the owner of the bat then you have many advantages. First of all you get to bat first, if your team wins the toss. Next you can always threaten your team members of taking the bat away, even if you are out, and get to play again!

LBW rule

As far as LBW is concerned, the Gully Cricket has very funny rule. The rule is like this – if the ball touches your body three times then you are out. So beware, you can’t just cover up the wicket and play for as long as you wish.

One tip one hand

This is one of the most common rules in Gully Cricket that’s found throughout the world. If the fielder catches the ball after one bounce and with one hand then the batsman is given out.

So here we are done with our article on some amazing yet interesting rules on Gully Cricket, do let us know how do you like this article and share it freely with your family and friends.

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